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Pets are prone to suffer heat strokes due to overheating, especially during warmer weather.  Unlike humans, pets can’t release heat through sweat glands on their body, so they are much more prone to overheating.  The Instant Cooling mat is designed to provide a soothing chill to your resting pet, to ensure that they maintain a safe body temperature.  The self cooling mat is ideal for long journeys, as the mat contains a non-toxic gel which reduces the cooling mat’s temperature to 5-10 degrees below room temperature.


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Simple to use

The mat is simple to use – to reset the cooling properties simply leave the mat unused for one hour.



The Instant Cooling Mat can be used in dogs’ beds, crates, kennels, couches, floors, or the back seat of your car.  The multifunctional mat is suitable for humans as well as pets.


Soothing cool

The mat supports regulation of body temperature on warm days. It works without additional cooling, electricity or water, as the cooling happens through body contact.


Simply wipe clean with soapy water to keep the cooling mat clean and fresh. The mat is scratch resistant to prevent leakage of gel.  However, although the gel is non-toxic, this does not mean that it is safe for your pet’s consumption.  Please ensure that your dog does not chew through the mat.








Weight 0.250 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm

XS 40×30 cm, S 50×40 cm, M 62×50 cm, L 70×55 cm, XL 100×70 cm, XXL 150×100 cm


Coffee, Gray, Pink, Sky Blue


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