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Pawblem Digital Scooper


The scooper enables you to instantly measure what quantity of food you serve to your pet, ensuring that their caloric intake is not excessive.

The wide LCD screen display is easy to read, and is capable of measuring both solid and liquid ingredients, such as pet food, water and so on.

The balance adjustment function ensures that you can handily control their portions

What Our Customers Say!


Cocker Spaniel

"I searched the Internet for HOURS looking for a decent car protector cover. I was worried that I’d end up paying for something that was poor quality and wouldn’t last or even fit my car. I saw some great reviews for Pawblem and although it was more than I’d budgeted for i decided to go for it and I’m so glad I did! We’ve only had it a day but the quality looks great and the cover is a really good size (it fits my Prius perfectly, and Rusty loves it). He jumped straight onto it and I haven’t heard from her all journey! We’ll probably get another one soon."


"I have 2 Snausers and 2 Birman cats and 3 Pawblem beds which they all share. My photo in the reviews shows that these beds are great for cats too. The very best feature of these beds is that you can wash the cover by unzipping and throwing it in the washing machine, it dries quickly and then there’s a rush to be first in the clean fluffy bed!"





"Our boy has loved his bed since he was little! The donut beds wash well and keep their colour and softness too. The delivery was a tad slow, but I can’t recommend this bed enough - awesome customer service."

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